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Behold, the Google Cr-48 Chrome Laptop

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:53
Well, if you are dying to see the new Google Cr-48 laptop then gladly presents the image above for you. Is Google's new laptop and is more or less resembles Apple's MacBook, but hin this case is thicker. The screen is 12.1 inches and comes with keyboard and space plus all equipment is done in a soft rubber finish to the touch.

Well, just looking at the photo says nothing, but we can say that this laptop has an impressive exterior and boots quite rapidly. the most exciting is the fact that this issue has the support of Verizon cell built inside and very easy to prepare. Trackpad is frustrating and seems to be slower than a larger computer, but it is very fast when you have to switch between windows. The most important thing is to let everyone know that this laptop is all browser based. In general, it is nice to be able to take and see the laptop and of course try.

Gigabyte T1125 Touchscreen Booktop Announced

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:53
Gigabyte has announced a new machine of interest - the T1125 Gigabye. This is a unique machine that combines three functions into one, namely, notebooks, tablet PCs and desktops. The T1125 is the turn of the third generation 11.6-inch touch screen Booktop and the first of its kind in the creative industry that combines the advantage of a Tablet PC and docking technology. It has a removable swivel touchscreen DVD Super Multi. With the docking station, T1125 instantly becomes a Tablet PC on the road and a desktop PC with a DVD-ROM at home. T1125 is the first of three-in-a computing device that provides users a way to multitask and completely revolutionize all existing scenarios laptop user!

The device features the latest Intel Core i5/i3 ULV (ultra low voltage) processor, DDR3 memory, disk drive 2.5-inch SATA and NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology with Optimus.

Other features include HDMI, THX certified sound, USB 3.0 port, 1.3 MP webcam, 802. 11n WiFi, and HSDPA.

The Gigabyte T1125 is based on Windows 7 Home Premium and is priced at $ 1,299.

Sony Ericsson Xperia pro QWERTY Android Smartphone

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:52
Along with the neo Xperia, Sony introduced the Xperia Android smartphone geared towards businesses with an optimized, ergonomically designed sliding keyboard for fast messaging experience. Includes the subtle but rapid rate and send the functionality that eliminates the need to open a dedicated application for each type of message, and Smart predictive keyboard triggers messaging actions automatically when the user slides the keyboard. There are also pre-loaded with Office Suite Pro that allows consumers to view and edit Office documents directly on your phone.

You may consider the Xperia for the QWERTY version of the neo. It is powered by the same processor at 1GHz MSM8255 Qualcomm Snapdragon. Other common features are 3. 7 inch 854 x 480 screen with mobile reality BRAVIA Engine, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, front camera of 2 megapixels, aGPS / GPS support, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. You can also expect HDMI output.

The pro Xperia runs Android 2.3 of gingerbread. It supports quad-band GSM / EDGE and HSPA 3G/3.5G and comes in black, silver and red.

Japan gets LG Optimus Pad L-06C first

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:51
LG unveiled its unique 3D enabled Tablet Android at MWC 2011. Robert is my university practice with Optimus LG box and describes it as baffling. This tablet is able to record and play back in 3D. It has two large chambers on the back, plus a front-3D camera for videoconferencing. The screen is 8.9 "but the form factor is very different from other tablet models.

LG has decided that the first launch of LG Optimus Pad in Japan. LG says that Japanese consumers are among the first to adopt faster and that is why the company is launching its feature packed compressed into the first Japan. In my opinion, Japan has lost the pole position early adopter about two years ago. Now that Apple and Google to drive innovation over the first mobile gadget users are in the United States.

Intel promises native USB 3.0 support “in the future”

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:50
USB was initiated by Intel, but when it was USB 3.0, Intel does not really embrace it. Odd ball, but Intel really was and create a new baby boy named Light Peak, now known as the powerful beam. Everyone has been jumping on the bandwagon of USB 3.0 in a natural way, with the exception of Intel, which still refuses to support USB 3.0 natively, such as how USB 2.0 pushed. So no more hope? Well, not really. "Intel is fully compatible with USB 3 and plans to integrate in the future," said Jason Ziller, Intel. But that's all he said. When you're really getting, Ivy Bridge? Considering how Intel has been refuting the USB 3.0 support and many peripheral manufacturers have not yet at full volume with USB 3.0, Intel could be waiting until the lightning actually mature with a lot of peripherals, then you might consider USB 3.0. Who knows?

Playing Online Slot Machines

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:47
Through hundreds of online casinos, you'll find thousands of games. From blackjack, pai gow at video slot machines and even virtual sports, are all there to meet the needs of each player.

There are, however, relatively few suppliers of slot machines and gaming software games, so the choice is perhaps a bit less than they could have imagined.

One of the best known is Playtech, which have participated in online games. They are behind the technology of I-Poker, one of the largest poker networks. We have designed more than 300 slot machines in their time and are responsible for the popular X-Men participation.

Microgaming claim to be the granddaddy of all online casino providers that come with the first online casino, according to the company in 1994. The company has had some problems with their poker room, especially when a licensed subsidiary, Tusk, collapsed, leaving some players without significant funding. Microgaming operates one of the largest networks of progressive jackpots - when plugged into a slot network in several casinos and a giant boat is built.

The Mega Moolah, one of his machines jackpot prize has record of more than six million euros.

Cryptologic is the third big name in the world of casinos software provider, another company that has its origins in late 1990. This is a Canadian company with an exclusive license for Marvel characters for their slot machines. They also have support groups that help problem gamblers. They also have their own network of progressive slots.

In general, Playtech, Cryptologic and Microgaming are the best suppliers and whether you are playing in the casinos using their software will have games that are safe and fair.

You can check to know all about the online slots and how to play it online.

Nice day

Finding The best online casino reviews

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:46
Online gambling is becoming one of the most popular choices for entertainment. You'll find a number of online casinos where you can enjoy the games of your choice. But the question is how to distinguish the online casino. The best way is to go through revisions to the casino. Online casino reviews can guide you can easily make your choice as to what the casinos want to play.

The online casino reviews to help you acquire information on the best gambling sites. On the other hand, will also help bring together the expertise of the round to be the best place to test their skills. There are numerous Internet sites where you can play online casino games of your choice.

Free casino games may be the best platform to hone their skills. For more information on gambling sites providing free online casino games, you can browse through the Internet to find several review articles of the casino.

Reviews on online casinos will give you all the details. Includes all aspects, together with the restrictions of the country, how to open an account, and online casino games available. The casino online reviews also provide information about the bonuses offered by the casino. Most online casinos are desperate to be with the players. They offer a wide variety of games and attractive bonuses for players for the first time. There are certain conditions for the use of these bonuses. The rules for casino bonuses are fully discussed in the online casino reviews.

Good online casinos provide a number of benefits for their potential players. Offer lucrative bonuses and points players can win prizes for cash and other incentives. Good reviews online that discuss the benefits of frequent player for someone who is going to open an account.

A review of the casino is necessary to know which sites offer the best bonuses and cash prizes for players. It also provides detailed information on the sites where you can select a language according to their needs.

Navigation software is another key aspect of the casino reviews. There you can enjoy casino games online unless you can step through the software. Most software online gambling is modern and gives the impression that you're in the right casino. Make sure you get through in-depth reviews to know about the software.

Check this amazing millionaire casino review at, They are the best in this area.

Have a nice day

Best Online Casino reviews

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:44
Online casinos have to be reviewed for a variety of reasons such as game fairness, promotions, fees, online casino payments, customer service, gaming software, reputation and awards. These reviews will have to periodically update the existing ones as new casinos open and the disappearance of some and some casinos to add new features.

There are thousands of casinos operating in the world, and a simple search reveals 17 million network based on Google search results alone. These casinos are competing with each other to give the best deals and promotions, as forms of free bonuses, free spins or free cash. Investigate each of them would be difficult, but fair and impartial reviews are essential for players to get the best deals.

Golden Casinofind a place in any list of top casinos, since it is owned and managed by one of the oldest business organization, and accepted most of the gambling world. Known for their high standards of safety and probity, Golden Casino guarantees fair play. Besides its gaming platform is constantly updated with the latest developments in modern gaming technology.

InterCasino: It should be noted that this is the only online casino that has won Gambling Online Magazine "Casino of the Year" five years straight and Casino InterCasino is the one on the web to accept real money bets. Founded in 1996, have served the players happier than any other online casino.

CasinoTropez: This casino offers a variety of authentic high-tech gaming-friendly graphics and sophisticated game environment. Your Playtech software is totally reliable, fast and offers secure payments through the online box. Casino Tropez is popular for its customer service, and the achievement of a policy of strict justice game.

Online Vegas Casino is a world-class casino that offers a remarkable visual experience, since it looks like a real casino. Will need to download an installer file 3mb relatively small to be able to play, but you will feel glad you did. The variety of games offered is wide, and are well known for its wide variety of slots, which are constantly changing and updated with exciting new bonds.

All Jackpots: This casino is a fine selection of traditional games and the last of multiple back and progressive slot machines. system service and support are available for players at any time, including assistance with downloading the leading Microgaming software and access to private account information.

CasinoKing: meets the criteria of all the players across a wide range of services. They offer an excellent variety of innovative games, each with easy interfaces to navigate and the game instructions. The payouts and progressive jackpots are very high in the slot machines.

Platinum Play Casino is an online casino that stands out from the rest due to first-class games and unique service they offer their players. Customer service is available around the clock through email and phone.

Have a look at, They are the best in this area.

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The importance of the online casino reviews

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:43
Do you know the importance of the revisions to the casino? Not only you, but there are many who never bothered to go through tests before playing in an online casino. As you already know that the casinos available on the Internet are becoming popular day by day due to its accessibility has become easy and at the same time, the games come with high end features restored. As a result, the odds of getting ripped off by scam online casinos have also increased enormously. After all, why do not the scammers try their luck in this world distribution of money? But it is his duty to save themselves from scam artists. The best way to guard against rogue casinos and is going through some online casino reviews and unbiased online.

Gambling - Find your games at a glance

Obviously not everyone likes the same online games. The casinos are actually a type of area attractions, which are intended to entertain the public. An honest online casino and legitimate undoubtedly will focus on improving its services over time. So you can wait several types of games anchored to your liking. However, not all online casinos have all sorts of games. In that case you may need to visit other websites, one by one, to find the game of your choice. This is undoubtedly one of the tasks that consume more bored, tired and time.

Therefore, to avoid problems of this type can be considered reviews of casinos. A review of the casino will give you full details on the site in a nutshell. Will have important details such as games usually hosts to entertain visitors. So instead of going through a room at a time, you can have the details of only casino game at a glance.

Trust Factor - Make sure that the land in the right casino

This is treated as one of the most important factors in selecting an online casino. As one of the area attractions that are easily found, there is great demand for online casinos. Therefore, it was very simple and easy for scammers to take advantage of the situation. So every day has become more and more difficult to find a reliable gaming platform.

An easy way to find a reliable online casino reviews is through the casino. Yes, it is 100 percent guaranteed that all the casinos listed and reviewed on a review site are real and not implicated in wrongdoing. Only fame and honest casinos are reviewed to help people to get better. The software used by casinos reliable anchor their online games are specially adapted for the fame of the software development companies to restrict the handling of the house. This information is also available in particular in the review.

Signage Printing Service

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:41
A material that is widely used among outdoor advertisers in the world is the vinyl. In fact, the material used. Many advertisers prefer vinyl over other materials for certain reasons. Find out the advantages and benefits you can enjoy when you choose vinyl for your needs of outdoor advertising.


One of the most obvious advantages to be enjoyed vinyl is its durability. It is a very strong material. Can withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. Do not break or crack easily, unlike other materials used for outdoor advertising. This is done by applying certain chemicals to vinyl prints. For example, vinyl producers around the world use the UV ink. This is an ink that protects the flag of the damage from exposure to heat. They are also made to be waterproof as well so that the impression was not affected at all by the rain. This feature makes clean vinyl banners ideal for long-term use, employers do not have to worry about the reproduction of posters for use in other campaigns.


This is another advantage that you can enjoy vinyl signs and banners. Can be used for almost anything. Can be used as party flags. Can also be used for billboards. They can be used for banners to announce important news for people. The possibilities are virtually endless for the application of vinyl banner advertising, which is an interesting aspect for those who advocate the use of vinyl banners.

Yet another aspect of the flexibility of vinyl signs is that they come in different sizes. You can have vinyl signs that are as small as 2 inches by 4 inch dimensions. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, which makes vinyl signs of use with almost any need you can come up with.


Vinyl signs are not expensive to do these days. With digital printing and design, the process is simplified and requires fewer sources as having made the cost is less too. In return for so little cost, you can get both vinyl banners. Businesses will appreciate the profitability of using vinyl banners for your advertising needs. Check this amazing Signage Printing service for your next advertising campaign..

Good Luck

Find Mortgage Broker

Par lettreslibres :: 25/02/2011 à 9:39
Many people thinking about entering the UK Financial Services industry and mortgage counselors suggests that the way forward is to seek franchises UK mortgage broker to buy a franchise broker of some sort. In my opinion, the reality of all this is that most franchises offer a mortgage or bad value for money or that have evolved however, not only to the required standards.

With the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the regulation of the mortgage industry, which have become very expensive as a franchise to establish, train individuals and maintain the standards set by the FSA. As a result of this market is either reduced or at best stationary. With the expansion of networks that proliferate in the UK, a lot of experienced advisers have scurried under their umbrella and new qualified advisers are struggling to find work.

The regulation of the mortgage industry now well on the way, the exodus of the older advisors and less skilled has left a vacuum and there is a great lack of qualified nationally. This is very good you may say, but if you are a newly qualified adviser or considering entering the mortgage industry, how do you arrange to work or maybe buy a franchise in the mortgage. Let's look at this later:

Newly qualified mortgage advisers

The key to finding a job, a mortgage is to quickly identify the market that prefers to work in, for example, or self-employed.

Banks, Banks, Real Estate Agents

As an employee, the starting salary for a mortgage counselor student is about £ 18.000 - £ 25.000 plus bonus and in some cases, a company car is provided.

These positions are ideal for people who need immediate income security, and has a preference for treatment and guidance on a daily basis.

UK Mortgage Brokerages

However, some people prefer a more flexible system of work not having to work in a 9-5 situation and prefer to have the flexibility to work nights and having their destiny into their own hands. Some of these brokerages offer different financial packages and can reach full commission only salary and commission from a party and in some cases, a car can also be provided.

New entrants and CEMAP Training Courses

Being in the financial services industry for over 20 years, many people have asked me what it takes to become a qualified mortgage advisor. As Marketing Director of Money Marketing Limited, a company that trains hundreds of budding UK mortgage advisers by month, I feel I am well qualified to answer that question.

find financial is a wonderful service that could help you out finding the best mortgage broker.

Have a nice day

How to find Hosting reviews?

Par lettreslibres :: 24/02/2011 à 6:14
If you have an online business and are looking out for the service providers web hosting, make sure you make the right decision. Only by chance and in a hurry if you choose a web host that does not necessary then the probability that ruin your business are very high. Therefore, it is always to be sure before making a final decision. Therefore, the best solution to keep up with the necessary information is going to examinations of accommodation. There are many reviews of accommodation and, indeed, it is difficult to say that all are suitable because they are not.

A review of reception is good quality information and research-based explanation of the concept of accommodation on the web, companies seem to be holding a good reputation in the market today. In most cases, these reviews help to analyze as to what you really need for your business. Some large management firms, therefore, a web hosting server for them would be different compared with the response required for small business or personal use.

These reviews shed light on the characteristics of many web companies welcome. In general, a good review is also mentioned on the budget, this, in fact, help the most customers. Some people have a rate set by the mind and want to stick to it, therefore, if a company is good as long as then any better than that.

There are potential risks involved in fact, many if the decision is wrong. Given the fact that there are many hosting companies available in the market, and they all seem to use every means possible to market your business, even if the services are not of good quality. This could be a threat to those who are in any company at random without any investigation. Therefore, know all this in detail.

Check these amazing Bluehost Review

Have a nice day

Buying Cheap used Laptops

Par lettreslibres :: 23/02/2011 à 5:05
When we are talking about cheap used laptops, not to say that because it is cheap, then it must be of low quality. Some laptops are advertised as cheap laptops used because the portable computer companies want to mark as stocks ran out, even just a small profit, as have many of them to the store.

Here are some possibilities where by selling your used laptop for a low price.

Most laptop computers sold come with a warranty. Now if a company has to change a portion of a laptop due to a defect or malfunction in the warranty period, you can choose to send a completely new equipment and maintain and repair the old. The laptop repair and sell it at a cheaper price.

The company has a lot of older model laptops in existence. Must sell quickly to free up space. And although there is not much money they have to get rid of them quickly. Some companies buy back some of their laptops at the best prices, because it was used already, but they need to repair and replace parts of it so it will be in good condition. Then turn around to sell these laptops, either used or refurbished models.

Many people who want to buy cheap used laptops have different uses for their laptops. Some people, especially business people, you have a laptop that can work with them while traveling. Some people just want to buy a laptop for your convenience, so that it can take anywhere from your desktop computer can not be carried everywhere. Some want to buy laptops so they can play online games in bed especially children or adolescents, who need cheap used laptop with more memory with a video card and a powerful sound card. When buying used cheap laptops, you must be sure you have a warranty. There are many different types of cheap used laptop can be found in the brand, sizes and models. If you want to be sure, you have to shop at the exit of the company designated. But before that, you must know what laptop brand you buy, the model and size of laptop etc.

Online shopping is the best way you can do this in order that you get a laptop cheaper to use. Besides company stores line output can also visit the auction sites like eBay to find deals. However, just make sure you buy from a reputable dealer to avoid getting ripped-off. There are plenty of Internet websites selling cheap laptops that are used from which to choose. Some of them, where you can compare the price too. Be sure what you can afford for your budget. And while cheap used laptop you chose is in good condition and has a guarantee should not have much to worry about.

Eton Scorpion is a wonder that goes green

Par lettreslibres :: 17/02/2011 à 18:23
The Scorpion Eton wears many hats. Want to hear a radio? Cheque. What do you think you have a charger for portable USB devices hungry for power? Cheque. Hmmm, feeling thirsty, and have yet to master the art of opening beer bottles with your teeth? Cheque.

Scorpion is the Eton of the above and more, which included net him £ 49.99 a torch as well, so that a person in a better position each time you hit the mountain for a short camping trip, the only thing that does not make a flamethrower package to fend off hungry bears. Of course, to provide such power, you must get "food" elsewhere, and does so through a turbine sofa handle - assuming you do not want to let it bake in the sun with its solar panel.

A sturdy aluminum carabiner complete description of this wonder device - allowing you to get a boost of confidence the next time you deal with Mother Nature.

Retro Slushie Maker

Par lettreslibres :: 17/02/2011 à 18:23
Love your Slurpees more of 7.11? Why not save some money in the long term and meet all the increasingly thirsty children in your home with the Creator Retro slush? This unique device will definitely make the best mother in the neighborhood among children, if a poll should run, but hopefully the survey was started after 24 February, as is currently in pre-order and will be delivered on the date mentioned. At £ 49.95 each, will churn out slush drinks in 1950 his own style, which is perfect for almost any and all occasions. A pouring spout is produced in the mix to ensure that they can apply directly to the top of a clean and not dirty. Now all we need are fantastic recipes slush and you're good to go.
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