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Brand New Sony S750 Walkman

Par lettreslibres :: 02/11/2010 à 5:38

Sony Walkman S750 Ultra Slim PMP colors 300x256 Brand New Sony S750 Walkman


For those of you who like to listen to music anytime, anywhere, maybe you should have a portable music player. However, what portable music player is adequate and reliable for you? Sony will soon introduce its new Walkman family member for the release of Sony Walkman S750.

The new Walkman is in an ultra slim body with only 7.2 mm thick and 55 grams of weight. It is easy to carry. You can put in your pocket or purse. It's so convenient and easy. Use the aluminum-like metal. S750 features digital noise cancellation, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and DSEE technology supported by vertical EX headphones. These features give you incredible sound quality. The Walkman MP3, WMA, AAC, PCM / WAC sound file formats and MPEG-4 and WMV formats documents video files. This gadget has 2 OVGA inch LCD with FM radio and voice recording.

SensMe function lets you automatically create your music collection based on the theme of music. Sony S750 supports TV output via the AV cable that enables you to watch videos in bright 480 x 720 pixels. The built-in battery offers the use of time. Sony S750 can play music for 50 hours and videos for 10 hours. Sony Walkman S750 is black, white, blue, pink and gold.


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