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Giant iPhone

Par lettreslibres :: 06/11/2010 à 5:38

Giant iPhone Giant iPhone


Almost everyone knows what an iPad. It is actually similar to the iPhone, but the screen is larger. IPAD is a popular device or gadget. Many people use it because of its use, function, and fresh appearance. However, you believe a much larger version of IPAD compared to normal is as big as a table?

You have to believe it as there really massive gadget. The IPAD table size can be used exactly how normal are operated IPAD and iPhone. This picture is called Connect iPhone box. This gadget is actually a set of equipment the size of a table with a giant screen in it. Can be connected to the iPhone 3G / 4 and can display the user interface on the screen. It seems that the device enhances the appearance of the normal iPhone.

In recent times, this unique device is only available in the form of a demo version. But there will be a prototype device that can operate fully and has been shown as soon as possible. With the existence of this iPhone huge screen, although it seems useless and annoying enough, it is possible that some people run some appropriate applications at the same time


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