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iPad 2 is Ready to Shock You

Par lettreslibres :: 16/11/2010 à 5:40
IPAD charm has mesmerized many people since its first appearance on the market. First generation is proven successful IPAD satisfied the thirst of the people of great and cool gadget. However, despite the euphoria created by the first generation of IPAD is not over, it is rumored that the second generation is coming soon.

Apple says that the second generation of the iPad will be released in 2011, but Apple does not give the exact date. Apple claims that the second generation will be full of interesting features compared with the first. The appearance of the body will be thinner and lighter. IPAD 2, or whatever name you will be informed who will join the chamber. What is so surprising is that there will be two cameras instead of one! These cameras allow users to make video calls. Is not it great? Another rumor says that IPAD 2 will support GSM and CDMA networks.

Many people wonder what kind of processor is used in the second generation. That is still fresh in our minds that the A4 processor used in the first generation had drawn sufficient attention. Many people believe that using the second generation dual-core processor! It seems that the allure of IPAD 2 still make people happy all the time.


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