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Mini Doughnut Maker

Par lettreslibres :: 20/11/2010 à 5:41

Mini Doughnut Maker1 300x300 Mini Doughnut Maker


If you often make bread and your daughter is interested in its activity and showed talent for the bread maker next to the family, you can teach to make delicious bread. No need to use their kitchen appliances to make bread with her daughter, because you can buy mini rings Maker. This kit is designed to teach your child to make delicious donuts in just a couple of minutes.

Donut maker DIY is the original Japanese device and its quality is questionable. To make cute donuts can try your own recipe or try the recipes included in the kits of donut maker. Donut ingredients are widely available, such as pancake mix, milk, eggs and sugar. The device is safe for your child, and needs no cooking oil or hot. Using hand-shaker, which is also included in the package, your kitchen will not get dirty.

You do not even need a blender, bowl, or other device, is absolutely free of clutter. The Japanese manufacturer of rings is really great and very effective to teach your child to make his first donut. Let your child be creative with their own recipes, but you have to help her when she needs to bake.


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