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Spy Watch for Kids

Par lettreslibres :: 27/11/2010 à 5:42
Children usually love the mystery. Many of them are inspired by films like James Bond or Sherlock Holmes stories. Children imitate the characters in the film and start inspecting anything. Children are very curious and if you are a good parent, to help them and force them to develop. To make your children more creative you can get Spy Watch for children.

Toys spy devices have several amazing things, like video cameras and high-tech small microphone to record video, audio, and even photographs. The latest spy tool has a full color 1.4 inch TFT screen that can be used to view videos and photographs. It has been built in the memory module is sufficient for video recording with high quality long as 20 minutes, 4 hours of audio recording, and 2,000 still photos.

The Spy Watch Video for children can be connected to your computer because it has a USB dongle. The device is powered by rechargeable battery with high durability. Children can use this to spy on their friends to reveal secret things that your friends hide from him. Parents should provide guidelines on the use of spy device for children to use it wisely.


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