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Samsung Galaxy S: Visual cues.

Par lettreslibres :: 05/01/2011 à 5:49
Samsung Galaxy S i9000 300x226 Samsung Galaxy S: Visual cues.
It's great that Samsung has finally launched a phone that can compete in the smartphone market. And make no mistake, though not without its flaws, the Samsung S Galaxy is definitely a competitor more than capable of the best phones for Apple, RIM and HTC.

But it's almost impossible not to notice that the latest offer from the Korean company seems to have more than a few design directions that the iPhone 3G and 3G - a design that even Apple have past.

The round plastic back and front metal band are almost direct imitation, and the start button is also very familiar. Even the back of the camera mounted occupies a similar position - a small point worth mentioning.

The display and processing speed are absolutely to rival iPhone 4, but that's not the issue here, the Samsung in the style feels just half a step behind everyone else. Indeed, this is hardly the case.

One can not help feeling it's a shame that 4 SUPER-inch AMOLED from Samsung, screen, 1 GHz processor and 16 GB internal hard drive is not a bit more imagination, or at least a little more.

Because even apart from the looks too familiar, the build quality is a bit weak. SUPER AMOLED screen on one side, the box feels cheap and plasticky, and can not compensate for the weight pointless, that ends up working against the Galaxy, making you feel weak and unmanageable.

Apart from anything else - and it is worth mentioning that any suggestion that the S Galaxy feels cheap is based solely on feeling, and that quality is far from it - the eyes just seem outdated, and this is not helped by the near ubiquity of the iPhone.

Samsung needs a phone that helped them stand out from the crowd, but really did half the job.


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