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Amazing Night Vision Camera

Par lettreslibres :: 09/01/2011 à 5:50

midnight shot nv 1 night vision camera Amazing Night Vision Camera


If you like photography, or just people who love to take pictures here and there, you must have an amazing device that can help you take photos in the dark. The night vision camera that only suits your needs is midnight NV-1 shot. This is a great camera that can be purchased online from several online stores.

This camera has 5 MP camera that can give a great image in the light of day. When night falls, you can activate the night mode and can take pictures as you want. The infrared camera also lets you do some crazy stuff like shooting through some types of fabric materials and thin. You can see some underwear if you point the camera to a child. Is fun, right? Is fully functional infrared to see through thin material, if you use it in daylight.

The camera has two capacities, take pictures and video mode. It has 8x digital zoom with 3920 x 2490 pixel maximum resolution. It also has 3 "screen LCD to help you see the objects. The camera is equipped with electronic shutter with 1 / 4 - 1 / 3000 seconds of speed. The camera is powered by rechargeable battery that is included in the package.

Buy here and in search box type "MIDNIGHT SHOT NV-night vision camera"


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