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X-Mini Capsule Speaker

Par lettreslibres :: 13/01/2011 à 5:52

x mini new X Mini Capsule Speaker



You have new mp3 player, unfortunately, I can not give you the sound you want? Are you wondering why choose to buy now because it sounds shit? How can you listen to Metallica or Lady Gaga in a minimum volume? Shutdown, no need to launch your MP3 player in the bin and there is no need to swear on the difficulty of the company that makes your MP3 player. Just go to the shops to buy new X-Mini Capsule Speaker.

It is shaped like small with an awesome feature. Diameter is only 55 wide, with only 52 grams. The light and small enough so you can take anywhere. Despite its small and easy ways, X-Mini Capsule speakers will surprise you with its big, rich sound. Large enough for your neighbor thinks you have a party at his house when set to full volume.

If the load is complete, the speaker can operate up to 8 hours with 2, 35 W. The speakers can be plugged into any MP3 player or iPod. And also included 3.5-mm audio connector and a USB case. It has a color of black metal and round shapes to suit the interior design of the office. X-Mini Capsule Speaker, a sleek and sexy little speaker sounds incredible.


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