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Star Wars TomTom Satnav

Par lettreslibres :: 14/01/2011 à 5:52
star wars gps 300x238  Star Wars TomTom Satnav
Your aunt invites you to a feast of thanksgiving, but the new in town and can not read a map? Do not miss out and do your aunt disappointment. Take a new TomTom satellite navigation. Especially if you're a fan of Star Wars larger, this new satellite navigation is the new special edition of Star Wars with some characters painted on the GPS unit. Not only that, the Star Wars TomTom Satnav have four packages of voice, including Yoda, Han Solo, Darth Vader and C3-PO. Just imagine the freshness of Star Wars epic on the panel.

If you already have a GPS, you may want to download the voice packets to the standard TomTom units. Each package costs $ 12.95. Along with the voice packets in the official TomTom site can also find the free Star Wars content, including screen, icons and sounds.

Meanwhile, a package of Star Wars Stanav includes GPS and audio system. We recommend this GPS unit because every detail of the map and the satellite system and date only if lost in the Antarctic GPS can not guide you home. Most interesting, of course, the voice of Yoda on the dashboard feels like Hans Solo, and may the force be with you!


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