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Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera

Par lettreslibres :: 16/01/2011 à 5:53

Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera



You go home from work, your dog will run to you with smiling faces, innocent eyes. Then you start to wonder what your dog has done throughout the day when you are home. Is he the one to dig the ground next to their tomato trees in your backyard, or is the scar on his leg due to a crazy neighbor throws glasses at him.

Well, there will be an answer to your curiosity with the sight of the mascot digital vision camera. Just clip it to your pet's collar and photos will be saved from it. Has 640 x 480 resolution, and 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes internal capture, which may have the album of his own pet. The eyes of the pet View digital camera only 4.5 ounces, light enough to not hurt your pets. Do not worry about batteries, but has lithium-ion battery that only two hours.

And fun is another one of your pets can be a photographer too. The eye of the mascot View digital camera that captures your pets do best. So you can see the views of the sunset as Buddy walks on the beach or is the curious fact that the snowball is an artistic cat likes to see his own shadow in the mirror.


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