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Greenhouse Launches USB-powered 15.6-inch Monitors

Par lettreslibres :: 25/01/2011 à 20:10
While no one is going to go gaga about the specs of this little beast (except maybe the power consumption by just 5 watts) that has a display of 3 pounds to tote around without having to worry about finding a suitable outlet is a sort of practical thing. The new GH USD16K monitor is designed to be a high school for those who need dual monitor support only part of the time, hence the USB power design. The concept is simple: plop on your desktop (milk cartons work well), plug it into your USB port and go.

Capable of supporting 1366 x 768 resolution and color 18BIT, it will not make your eyes bleed, though the 220 nits of brightness of all we do darndest his-but as a productivity tool or an emergency backup is not a bad idea. Did I mention that is also the largest power USB monitor available (but only by 0.2 inches)?

USD16K GH monitor can also be used to clone shows, or even expand the display area as your primary monitor "Minority Report! But the coolest thing about this gadget absolute greenhouse is the price. It sells for $ 219. That's cheaper than a shitty monitor primary in most cases.

Face your favorite e-retailer today and add up before they are eclipsed.


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