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Why the camera isn't the culprit for the white iPhone 4's delay

Par lettreslibres :: 03/02/2011 à 8:40
Unless you have been out of the Internet in recent days, he would no doubt have heard of a special appearance by Woz at Engadget Hall on Sunday. As expected, a few websites ran with some quotes pulled from the interview - specifically, the highlight was Woz "confirm" that the white iPhone 4 was delayed due to questions of fact the camera. Well, I do not think this is the case at all. In fact, I'm sure there are many good reasons why Apple has been delaying the taste of his much-anticipated smartphone star, but the camera is not one of them. Head right past the break and everything is explained.

Update: Our man Woz has responded in the comments: He told me many things to make it clear that I know nothing of the reasons for Apple to reject anything ever. He told me that when I got my white iPhone I've tried 4 mounted flash photos and that, indeed, have problems. He talked about the evidence of pictures with flash as opposed to non-flash and flash photos comparison between my black and white iPhone. I do not remember saying that Apple was a "reason" rejected the parties, although I had read that. For the last part, which dealt with 0:55 in the video interview after the break, but now that Woz has spoken, could have been a joke at the time that was misconstrued by some websites. They tend to do that with Woz. Read on!


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