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Immortal Video Glasses – Sunglasses and Extreme Cameraman in One

Par lettreslibres :: 10/02/2011 à 4:49
Remember the scene in Mission: Impossible II, where the agent Ethan Hunt put his hands on futuristic looking sunglasses? That was a pair of Oakley Sunglasses Romeo with visual and audio information mission to self-destruct mechanism. The new immortal video glasses that turn away from an explosion issue of the IMF, but does not use spyware or less than a cool sunglasses. In fact, if you are also in extreme sports or dangerous missions (harness-free climbing cliff comes to mind), the splash Immortal video glasses you can record your adventures almost impossible, so you can brag about them later .

These goggles are equipped with a video camera widescreen integrated VGA that can record and store up to 3 hours worth of video quality in AVI format based on 4 GB of memory. 3-megapixel lens allows 736 × 480 pixel resolution and can record video at 25 frames per second. It also has an internal microphone and built-in 500mAh battery that can power the camera for about 2. 5 hours. Immortal video glasses use only 2 buttons for the controls and with a weight of your average pair of glasses. To add variety, which has three sets of interchangeable lenses that are polarized flame orange, dark and light gray polarized. It also contains the package includes a car charger, USB cable and plug, bridge of the nose and spacers, and protective metal case.


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