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Tip and Tilt Internet Radio – Internet Radio in a Cube

Par lettreslibres :: 10/02/2011 à 4:50
If there is beauty in simplicity, then the new council and the inclination of Internet radio would be a very clever girl goes skinny dipping. Naked nude usual bells and whistles we're used to seeing high-tech and even antique radios, the Council and the tilt of Internet radio comes in a funky retro cube without knobs to adjust, push buttons or screen to read. To tune in and switch between radio stations pre-set, simply turn it from side to side. To adjust the volume, only tilt forward or backward, you could also place it face down to silence. Simple, beautiful and downright idiot-proof. It's so easy to set as 1, 2, 3 - first download the software online, then connect the USB cable and you're adding to your favorite channels. < br/>< br/>< br/> The Council and the inclination of Internet radio is capable of receiving a number of radio stations around the world via Wi-Fi and can store up to four pre-set stations, to restore previous selections simply connect to your computer . This Internet radio is available in five different colors of White, Black, pink, blue and green. Not the best speakers around, but for its size, offers a "loud and clear" sound. Its rechargeable battery ensures long time listener and can last up to 14 hours on one charge. The Council and the inclination of Internet radio is supplied with a USB 2.0 cable, power adapter and a quick start guide. < br/>< br/>< br/>


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